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Translation Services in Victoria – Economic Profile

Known as a global tourism destination, Victoria is the capital city of British Columbia and the 15th largest metropolitan region in Canada. Every year, the city receives more than 3.65 million visitors who spent more than one billion dollars. Tourism is a major industry in addition to education, federal and provincial government administration and services, which also play important roles in the local economy. The Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt, the Canadian Military’s main Pacific naval base which is located just outside Victoria, also brings economic benefit to the city. Victoria is often referred to as the retirement capital of Canada, due to its large proportion of retires who are attracted to the city by its mild climate and beautiful surroundings.

According to recent reports, high technology has surpassed tourism as the top performing economic sector in Greater Victoria, for the first time in the city’s history. A great variety of technology firms in pharmaceuticals and computers, engineering, architecture and telecommunications is headquartered in Victoria. Call centres are important economic contributors in the area and organizations such as EDS and Maximus Inc. operate call centres in Victoria.

Victoria also has other economic sectors, including investment and banking, online book publishing, various public and private schools, food manufacturing and light aircraft manufacturing (Viking Air). In addition, traditional industries include wood and fish processing, grain storage and cold storage plants. Victoria is the site of three famous post secondary institutions: the University of Victoria (UVic), Camosun College and Royal Roads University. The presence of significant commercial enterprises, government and educational institutions creates significant demand for language services in the Greater Victoria area.

Out of a total population of about 330,000 in the Greater Victoria area, most local residents can speak fluent English. Nevertheless, it also enjoys ethnic variety. A substantial community of Chinese descent has existed in Greater Victoria since the latter part of the nineteenth century. There is also a substantial First Nations population whose ancestors have lived in the area for thousands of years. German, French, Dutch, and Ukrainian are the four biggest immigrant groups in the region. The presence of different ethnic groups presents increasing opportunities for linguistic services. Victoria also is experiencing a shortage of linguistic talent, like other booming cities, such as Edmonton and Calgary.