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Korean translation services have become increasingly important as a result of the growing importance of Asian economies. At Textronics Communications Ltd., we provide specialized and accurate Korean translation services for a wide range of business sectors. Here is a brief overview of the Korean language

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Korean as a language can be traced back to a time as early as 1000 AD, a period in Korean history called the Three Kingdoms of Korea. For almost a thousand years, Koreans used a variation of Chinese characters known as Hanja. It was not until 500 years ago that a writing system was put in place called Hangul which is now the basis for Modern Korean.

Hangul as a writing system or alphabet has ten vowels and fourteen consonants. These letters come together to form blocks of syllables. Traditionally the standard method of writing Korean was vertically in columns. However, in recent times, it is becoming increasingly popular to write horizontally as in Western languages.

Korean is spoken by an estimated seventy three million people. Fifty million live in South Korea and twenty three million in North Korea. There are sizeable populations of ethnic Koreans in the United States, Japan, China and Russia. There is a growing gap in the variations of Korean spoken in the North and the South. For example, in the North, by the time they leave school, children are expected to know 2000 characters. In the South, the number is lower, it is 1800.

Korean as a language does not carry the same weight as Chinese. It is less well represented as an official language on International bodies. Currently, however, the secretary general of the United Nations is Korean. Ban Ki-Moon from South Korea took over the role from Kofi Annan. He has been so successful that he has been re-elected for a second four year term.

North Korea is a totalitarian Communist state while South Korea, like China is a major exporter of goods. In terms of Gross Domestic Product, South Korea is the world’s fifteenth largest economy, creating a substantial demand for Korean translation services.. South Korea is a market leader in high tech industries and relies on the export of finished electronic products as an important source of economic growth. In 2011, exports contributed over 50% to the Korean economy. Samsung and LG, two electronic giants are well known as brands on the world stage. Samsung is the biggest company in South Korea employing almost 300,000 people and is the world’s largest information technology company in terms of revenue.

For any company wanting to do business in South Korea it is important to employ the professional services of a company that specializes in Korean translation. There are differences in dialect between different regions. If a company wants to specifically target different audiences in different regions in South Korea, an intimate knowledge of the language is needed. This can only be achieved by using a Korean translation provider that employs native speakers who understand the intricacies of regional dialects. Koreans, like Chinese and Japanese also have specific customs when it comes to business meetings. As an example, when receiving something from a stranger it is good manners to take the item with both hands. Koreans will also bow slightly when being introduced to someone they have a formal relationship with. Without the use of a Korean translation company, these customs would not be carried out correctly.

Korean translation is an area where Textronics Communications Ltd. has a particularly impressive level of expertise. We strictly use translators on our assignments who are native speakers of Korean. The importance of this cannot be underestimated. Korea, like many Asian countries has a vast number of regional dialects and without using native speakers a translation project cannot be completed to the highest standard. Additionally, our recruitment process for translators involves a strict testing procedure before candidates are considered for employment. If you are looking for a high quality Korean translation services with strong customer care please contact us for a no obligation quote.