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Our Pricing Policy

New customers that found us through the Internet receive a special introductory 15% Internet discount. Please contact us by email at or by phone at 416-422-5010 to take advantage of our Internet discount.

1) For translation projects we generally base the estimate on the total number of words contained in the document, the linguistic difficulty of the project, the turnaround time and the formatting and layout requirements.

Our pricing policy is very flexible and allows our customers to choose from 3 options that are based on the required turnaround:

a) The rush turnaround is the fastest turnaround available and requires overtime work which is reflected in an overtime premium.

b) The regular turnaround is charged at our usual competitive rates.

c) An extra discount is available for customers who are able to give us extra time and choose the extended turnaround option.

In addition, Textronics offers quantity discounts on large-size projects as well as special preferred client rates to long-term customers. Customers that have an exclusive translation relationship with Textronics also benefit from an additional discount for choosing Textronics for all their translation needs.

2) Desktop publishing and graphic design projects are charged at extremely competitive hourly rates. We have special pricing packages available for logo design and the creation of envelopes, stationery and business cards.

3) International marketing consulting projects are charged on an individual basis in consultation with our partner offices across the world. Textronics offers free estimates at no obligation for any project you may have. Simply call us at (416) 422-5010 to discuss your project or contact us by fax at (416) 467-6355 or by e-mail at and we will get back to you as soon as possible with an accurate estimate free of charge.