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German translation services are experiencing increasing demand as the global economy integrates. As international business with Germany becomes ever more important, the demand for specialist translation services in the German language is growing. Textronics Communications Ltd. is a professional language services company that has built a long-standing track record of offering an exceptional level of German translation quality at a fair price.

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German as a language is part of the wider Indo-European language group which also includes English. It originally began as a series of dialects with High German in the South and central part of Germany and Low German in the northern regions. In the years from 700 AD onwards, the educated classes began using a language which over many centuries evolved into the Standard German that we know today.

Today there are approximately 100 million German speakers. The majority of speakers are within Germany itself where 95 percent of the 82 million strong population consider German to be their first language. In Austria, 89 percent of the population speak German as their first language, with a similarly high percentage of German speakers in Switzerland. German is spoken throughout the world with an estimated five million speakers in the United States, three million in Brazil and over one million in Argentina. Following the American War of Independence it was widely rumoured that German was seriously being considered as the official language of the United States before English was chosen.

German has official language status on a number of International bodies and organisations. It is one of the twenty three languages of the European Union (EU). Along with French and English it is one of the three official languages of the European Space Agency (ESA) and together with English is UEFA’s official language. That means that all official EU, ESA and UEFA meetings require live German translation, or rather interpretation, services.

The importance of German as a language is even more evident in the world of business. Germany is an economic powerhouse and has Europe’s largest economy, larger even than the economy of Russia and the United Kingdom. In terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) the German economy is the fourth largest in the world behind only the United States, China and Japan. For foreign companies wanting to do business with German firms it is important to be able to communicate in German and this leads us to the complexities of German translation and the German language as a whole.

It is crucial to employ the services of an expert German translation provider when doing business in Germany. It is critical that the translation company you select only work with German native speakers and subject matter experts. There are several important reasons why translating into German is complex. Importantly, there is a huge difference in dialects throughout the three German-speaking countries which can markedly affect the pronunciation of words. Additionally the use of nouns in German can be very confusing; in German it is possible to amalgamate different words to create a longer word. This becomes even more confusing as German nouns have three gender types as well as two numbers forming an endless degree of combinations. German is a rather complex language and for this reason it is important that you select highly qualified German translation experts.

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Textronics Communications Ltd. has many decades of German translation experience. A selection of native German speakers and subject matter experts handle specialized translation projects in the German language. We have a stringent set of criteria that must be met in the course of translator selection. Advanced academic education, many years of experience and completion of our translation tests are required for all translators. To receive a competitive quote and begin working with a reliable German translation company please contact us now.