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The continued growth of French-speaking companies on the international stage has led to an increasingly important role for professional French translation services. Textronics Communications Ltd. has a well-established reputation for providing high quality translations at competitive prices together with an excellent level of customer service. As a Canadian company, we pride ourselves on our Canadian and European French translation expertise.

English to Canadian French Translation services

As one of the Romance languages, French is derived from the Latin spoken during the times of the Roman Empire. Today, French is spoken by roughly 200 million people on all continents around the world. It is spoken in more than 50 countries and taught as a second language in many more. About 115 million people around the world are native French speakers. French is the official language in countries such as France, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, Haiti and many more countries in Western and Central Africa. It also has strong representation as a secondary language in North Africa and Indochina.

The importance of the French language is underscored by the fact that it is an official language in some important global institutions such as the United Nations, the European Union, the African Union and the Organization of American States. French-speaking countries have established institutions for the protection of the French language such as the Academie française in France, the Service de la langue française in Belgium and the Office québécois de la language française in Quebec.

Since the introduction of the Official Language Act in 1969, French and English are Canada’s official languages on the federal level. In Quebec, French is the only official language while the Province of New Brunswick has both English and French as its official languages. Throughout Canada about 6.4 million people are native French speakers and almost 9 million Canadians are able to speak French fluently. Montreal is the second-largest French-speaking metropolis in the world, after Paris.

uebecois French to English Translation Services / Traduction Français – Anglais

Especially in Canada, with its bilingual orientation, the importance of professional French translation services cannot be underestimated. Trade with European French-speaking countries also necessitates high-quality French language services. In 2010, France’s economy was the world’s fifth largest and the second largest in Europe. The French economy is a mixed economy with a great deal of government involvement. Some of the largest private-sector enterprises include France Telecom, Renault and PSA Peugeot Citroën.

In Canada, the economy of Quebec ranks as the 37th largest economy in the world, right behind Greece and makes up about 20% of Canada’s gross domestic product. Much of Quebec’s recent economic activity has come from the knowledge sector although the province still has a large manufacturing base that includes aerospace, software and information technologies. Primary industries such as mining, forestry, pulp and paper and agriculture also play a major role while recent years have seen Quebec emerge as a major player in tourism. The demand for accurate French translation services across Canada is therefore well-established.

Quebecois French to English Translation Services

English to Canadian French Translation Services / Traduction Anglais – Français

Among the complexities of French translation are the regional variations of the language. Canadian French is quite different from Standard European French in that there are significant lexical differences between these language varieties. While orthography and grammar are largely the same as in Standard French, Canadian French customers can always tell the difference between documents that were created by Canadian French and European French speakers. Depending on the destination of your translated document, it is therefore critical to ensure that the choice of translator reflects the variation of French spoken by your target audience.

At Textronics Communications Ltd., we specialize in high-quality accurate French translation services, whether you require Canadian French or European French. All of our translators are native French speakers, have outstanding levels of education and extensive experience in translation services. If your document is intended for an audience in Quebec, we will only use Canadian-French native speakers who are physically located in the Province of Quebec. This ensures perfect ongoing immersion in your target language. The same applies to documents that require European French translation. In those cases, we will only use specialized translators who are European French native speakers. All our translators have gone through a rigorous translation test before being employed and given assignments by us.

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