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Our estimates are always free of charge and at no obligation. Instead of providing you with an automated estimate, we carefully go through your entire document and analyze it for language complexity and formatting. Every document is unique, and to determine the best possible pricing, the project’s characteristics need to be established.

Once we have analyzed your project we contact our translation experts and determine their availability for your project. To produce the best possible quality, we always ensure that we select the right translator team with the right expertise for each and every project.

We then proceed to negotiate the best rates with the translation experts to make sure we can offer you the best price for the highest quality. Based on these factors we calculate your estimate, and we always provide you with three options in terms of completion time.

The estimate will take into account all the project-specific factors, including project size, linguistic complexity, terminology research requirements, proofreading requirements, formatting and layout specifications, software requirements and so forth.

Your quote will also take into consideration any Introductory Discounts, Quantity Discounts, Duplication Discounts or other special offers or discounts that we may have at the time.

This provides you with a great deal of flexibility in terms of your budget and your timing. You can then select the quote that works best for you. You will always know exactly up-front how much your project is going to cost, and we only quote on projects when we can guarantee that linguistic experts for your particular subject matter are indeed available. Quality results at the best possible price is our top priority!

So, contact us any time at or by telephone at (416) 422-5010 for a FREE, NO-OBLIGATION estimate. We are here to assist you!