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Portuguese Translation Services

Portuguese translation services are gaining in importance as international trade continues to grow, particularly with emerging countries like Brazil. Textronics Communications Ltd. has a solid reputation for offering a professional Portuguese translation services. We strive to provide high quality translation work with exceptional customer service, all at a reasonable price.

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Portuguese is a language that is derived from Latin which came to the Iberian region as a result of the expansion of the Roman Empire. It is known as one of the Romance languages and shares similarities with Spanish and even more closely with Galician.

The Portuguese language is now spoken by approximately 240 million people worldwide and is the 6th most spoken language in the world. Portuguese is the official language of Portugal, Brazil and the African countries of Angola, Mozambique and Guinea-Bissau. Further speakers are found in small enclaves such as the Cape Verde Islands, Macau and East Timor in Asia and Goa in India.

Brazil has by far the largest population of Portuguese speakers and marked differences have developed between European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese. Brazilian Portuguese has been notably influenced by Italian and other European languages. The difference between the two versions is comparable to the difference between British English and American English. Indeed, as many as 1% of words differ between the two languages. Spelling is also notably different. As a simple example, the word ‘fact’ is ‘facto’ in Portuguese whilst in Brazilian it is ‘fato’. These differences add to the complexities of Portuguese translation.

Reflecting its importance as the 6th most spoken language, Portuguese is an official language in a number of international bodies. Portuguese is one of the five official languages of the African Union. It is one of the official languages of FIFA and of Mercosur where Portuguese and Spanish are the two main working languages. Portuguese is also one of the 23 official languages of the European Union which gives rise to a substantial demand for professional Portuguese translation services.

The importance of being able to speak Portuguese has grown significantly. Portuguese speaking countries led by Brazil have grown in influence on the world economic stage. In recent times, Brazil has overtaken Mexico as the region’s powerhouse in terms of economic output. A growing number of jobs now see fluency in Portuguese as a strong requirement on a CV and with half the population of South America speaking Portuguese there is no better time to learn the language. Portuguese translation opportunities have grown along with the rise of Brazil’s economic clout.

This economic growth, particularly driven by Brazil, has seen a growing need for Portuguese language services. The difference between Brazilian and European Portuguese has added an additional complexity to translation and it is highly advisable to use experts in Brazilian Portuguese translation services as it would be completely unacceptable to use European Portuguese for any communication with a Brazilian business partner and vice versa. This necessitates the use of European or Brazilian Portuguese translation experts, depending on the situation.

For a foreign company dealing with a Portuguese speaking business, high-quality Portuguese translation is essential for a variety of tasks. This includes dealing with contracts, financial, legal and marketing documents, technical specifications as well as business communication. It takes a great deal of experience and a solid background in Portuguese translation to meet these demands.

Portuguese translation services are an important area of expertise at Textronics Communications Ltd. We work with highly educated and experienced subject matter experts in both European and Brazilian Portuguese. We only employ translators who are native Portuguese speakers as we believe only a native speaker can truly provide the perfect Portuguese translation. In addition to excellent academic backgrounds, our translators have many years experience in a particular area of specialization. In order to work for us, our candidates have to complete a series of tests before they are accepted to begin work on language assignments. If you have a project that requires high standards of translation quality and a strong degree of customer service at a competitive price please contact us and we will be pleased to provide you with a free no-obligation estimate.