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Professional and accurate Chinese translation services have become critical for companies who are striving to market to and collaborate with companies in the growing economies of Asia. Textronics Communications Ltd. has forged a strong reputation for providing superior Chinese translation services with a high level of customer service at a fair price.

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The Chinese language is one of the world’s oldest and early evidence of Chinese writing has been found to be over 4000 years old. Chinese is split into two main spoken languages – Mandarin and Cantonese; these can be further split into a many different dialects throughout China which is the world’s fourth largest country. Although Mandarin and Cantonese have pronunciation differences the characters found in written Chinese are almost identical.

Although several alphabets have been in existence, Chinese characters make use of a non-alphabetic script. The system of writing Chinese symbols is practiced with columns as opposed to the western technique of writing from left to right. One of the complexities of Chinese translation is based on the fact that it uses thousands of pictorial characters. The huge number of characters is a reason for the poor literacy rates in mainland China.

Chinese as a language in its different forms is spoken by an estimated 1.5 billion people. The most popular spoken form is Mandarin with 850 million speakers, followed by Cantonese with 70 million and Hakka with 34 million native speakers. As well as in mainland China, Chinese is spoken in Taiwan and Singapore. Worldwide, many countries have large Chinese communities; the greatest numbers of Chinese immigrants are found in the United States, Canada, Australia and Brazil. Chinese translation services must therefore take account of regional variations of the language as well.

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China’s status as the world’s most populous country has ensured that Chinese is an official language of the United Nations of which there are only six; the others being English, Arabic, French, Spanish and Russian.

The Chinese economy has been growing at a rate of 10% over the last thirty years and after the United States of America, it is the world’s second biggest economy in terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). China is now the world’s largest exporter of goods and services and surprisingly is ranked the world’s number two importer of goods. Construction and industry make up almost half of China’s GDP with mining and manufacturing the traditional major industries. An important growth industry is automobile manufacturing. In the 1970s around 150,000 automobiles were produced in China annually. By the year 2000, this figure had jumped to over 4 million units. As a result, China is now the fourth largest automobile manufacturer globally. Twelve foreign automobile companies now have plants in China run as joint ventures.

This increase of co-operation between Chinese and overseas companies as reflected in the automobile industry has led to a demand for the services of expert Chinese translators and professional interpreters. Chinese translation services help foreign companies deal with the customs, the culture and the language of doing business in China. Most translation companies using native speakers are able to deal with the complexities of the Chinese language, not just the main languages of Cantonese or Mandarin but also regional dialects. Without the services of a professional translation company and a thorough understanding of Chinese business customs, opportunities for new business may be lost. Like Japan, the Chinese have a rigid way of doing business. This includes the preference to bow at the waist rather than a handshake and the importance of handling business cards with both hands.

Textronics Communications Ltd. has a strong background in Chinese translation services, having long been aware of China’s increasing importance in business. Our company only works with native Chinese speakers and subject matter experts which ensures that any translation project assignment will meet a client’s exact requirements. All our translators must have a high degree of education and before they begin working for us they must pass a series of stringent tests. If you are looking for reliable and efficient Chinese translation experts with strong levels of customer service at a fair price then why not try Textronics Communications. We will be happy to provide you with a no obligation quote.