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Country and Language-Specific Research Articles

Professional translation services are required in order to facilitate business across international borders. To truly succeed in today’s complex global environment, organizations must have a thorough understanding of the regions that they are doing business with. This includes an overview of the country or region, its economy, its cultural characteristics and the local linguistic complexities. Our expanding list of articles will help you appreciate some of the complexities and cross-cultural implications of doing business in foreign cultures.

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Quebec and the Quebec French Language

Quebec – An Overview
Quebec French

France and the French Language

French Overseas Departments, Territories, and former Colonies
Former French Colonies
France Business Etiquette
France Tourism
The Importance of the French Language

Germany and the German Language

Germany – An Overview
Germany Economy and Demographics
Germany Culture
Germany Business Etiquette
Renewable Energies in Germany
Recycling and Waste Separation in Germany
The Significance of the German Language
The History of the German Language and Literature

Switzerland and the Swiss Language

Switzerland – An Overview
Switzerland Culture
Swiss Business and Etiquette
Switzerland Languages and Foreign Policy

Italy and the Italian Language

Italy – An Overview

Portugal and the Portuguese Language

Portugal – An Overview
Portugal – Economy and Demographics