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Translation Services and Universities of Toronto

More than 2.5 million people live in the City of Toronto, making the provincial capital of Ontario the most populous Canadian city. Among the multicultural population, there are a great number of students.

Toronto is home to important universities, including the oldest university in the province of Ontario, the University of Toronto (or “U of T”), which was established in 1827. The University, often ranked among the world’s best universities, is also the largest university in the country. Indeed, it welcomes up to 70,000 students every year. Among them, approximately 6,000 are international students, giving the student population a high degree of cultural diversity. The University is well-known worldwide for being a leader in research (including biomedical research) and teaching.

In fact, some major discoveries in the medical and scientific sectors occurred at the University of Toronto; these include, for example, the electrical pacemaker. The courses and programs that are offered cover many different areas such as dentistry, education, business, architecture, engineering, information studies, social work, and theological and ecumenical studies. Its library system is the third-largest in North America, after that of Harvard University and Yale University. The university is a collegiate university as it has several colleges. But it also has some academic faculties, research institutes and satellites campuses located in different places in the city and the Greater Toronto Area, where the University is the fifteenth-biggest employer. For instance, there are Victoria University, and University of Trinity College. All these international activities create a significant demand for translation services in Toronto.

The third-largest university in Canada is York University, established in 1959. It has eleven faculties – including, for example, the Faculty of Arts, which is the biggest one in the country – as well as many research centres and institutes. Programs are offered in various areas such as education, health, and law. It is a top national leader in sectors like chemistry and space science. With a student population of about 60,000, which include many students from around 150 other countries, York University is also a very multicultural organization. Moreover, with its French-language Glendon College campus, it includes a bilingual liberal arts college. York University’s internationally connected research and student organizations also result in a substantial need for translation services in Toronto.

Founded in 1948, Ryerson University is another public university located in downtown Toronto. There are around 24,000 students in this research university which offers many programs that are unique among all universities in the country – these include arts and contemporary studies, disability studies, fashion, health services management, image arts, international economics, radio and television, and retail management. The University also welcomes a large number of international students who represent about 90 countries in its five faculties. In terms of research growth, Ryerson University is ranked among the top 3 in the country.