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Translation Services and Universities of Ottawa

With a population of more than 800,000, Ottawa, the capital of Canada, is the second-biggest city in the Province of Ontario. Among the residents, there are lots of people originating from various countries, as well as many students attending the several universities based in Ottawa.

One of them is the University of Ottawa (Université d’Ottawa, in French), which is among the oldest universities in the country given that it was established in 1848. It is a public research-intensive university. Thanks to its deep commitment to research, the University is ranked among the best research-intensive universities in Canada. Besides, this is a bilingual and international university, with a student body of around 36,000, of which almost 2,000 international students come from over 150 countries. This gives rise to a substantial need for professional translation services in the capital city. The former liberal arts college offers a lot of programs in nine faculties in areas such as Engineering, Health Sciences, Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies, Law, Medicine, Science and Social Sciences.

The University of Ottawa is federated with Saint Paul University (or “SPU”, and Université Saint-Paul in French), a bilingual Catholic Pontifical university. There are diverse programs offered through their four faculties of Human Sciences, Philosophy, Theology and Canon Law. Moreover, the University has some specialized and research centres. Among the student population of less than 1,000, there are international students originating from more than 30 countries.

Another important public university located in Ottawa is the former Carleton college, Carleton University, founded in 1942. It is an international university that offers a unique range of about 65 programs in various faculties like the Faculty of Engineering and Design, Graduate Studies and Research, Public Affairs, and Science, and in numerous institutes and professional schools. For example, there are the Sprott School of Business, the first school in the country to offer a Bachelor of International Business, and the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs, which is considered as the best schools for the study of International Affairs in Canada. Some of the various programs offered include anthropology, film studies, industrial design, mechanical engineering, neuroscience, sustainable and renewable energy engineering, as well as women’s and gender studies. Roughly 23,000 students attend Carleton University, with foreign students coming from approximately 150 different countries, resulting in a significant demand for translation services in the city.