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Translation Services and Universities of Vancouver

Vancouver, the biggest city in the province of British Columbia and Western Canada, has a diverse ethnic population. There are approximately 580,000 residents in the city, and more than 2 million in Metropolitan Vancouver. The numerous students of the city can attend several universities that are located there.

There are two important public universities in Vancouver. One of them is the University of British Columbia (UBC), a research university established in 1908, which is often ranked as one of the best universities in Canada and in the world. The University has several campuses, is situated in the city of Kelowna and in the Greater Vancouver area. There are a great number of faculties – such as the Faculty of Applied Science, Education, Forestry, Law, Medicine – as well as schools, institutes, and colleges. The student population is around 50,000, with the greater number of students being located in the Vancouver campuses. Among them, the international students – coming from 143 different countries – account for almost 13% of the total student population, resulting in a significant demand for professional translation services in Vancouver.

The other major university in the city is the Simon Fraser University (SFU), founded in 1965. With three campuses in different cities of the province of British Columbia – Burnaby, where the main campus is located, Surrey, and Vancouver –, the University has eight faculties, including the Faculty of Applied Sciences, Business Administration, Communication, Art & Technology, Environment, and Health Sciences. The campus in downtown Vancouver has several research centers in a variety of areas such as anthropology, biomedical physiology and kinesiology, criminology, gerontology, and health sciences. Just like the University of British Columbia, it is considered among the best universities in Canada and in the world. The University welcomes more than 32,000 students, with international students originating from over 100 countries, and together with the international research activities, this creates a significant need for professional translation services in Vancouver.

Established in 1925, the Emily Carr University of Art + Design is another public university based in Vancouver. Before September 1, 2008, the University was an institute (called “Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design”). It is a post-secondary university specialized in art and design education – such as animation, ceramics, photography, product design, sculpture, visual arts –, as well as research. The University, with more than 1,300 students, hosts foreign students coming from roughly 48 countries.

With universities welcoming a great number of international students, it gives rise to a substantial need for multi-lingual translation services in Vancouver.