Our Quality Assurance Process UA-4944458-2

Our Quality Assurance Process

Quality is our top priority. In order to produce the highest possible translation quality we follow a multi-step quality assurance process.

At Textronics Communications, quality assurance starts with the selection of the right language expert for the project at hand. All our translators and interpreters are university-educated language professionals with many years of experience that are selected through careful screening and testing. Our translators are tested to ensure that they have the required subject matter expertise and linguistic knowledge in their stated specialization.

Our translators are native speakers of the target language and subject matter experts in their chosen fields of specialization. So whether you need technical, medical, commercial or other translations, your text will be matched with an expert in that specific area.

Many of our translators are certified and accredited by various regional and national translator organizations. That means that they have passed standardized exams, testing their linguistic competence.

Most of our translators are located in the target markets for which the translation is destined, a key advantage since these experts are constantly immersed in the target language and fully up-to-date on terminology developments in the destination region.

Our careful Terminology Development Process ensures that the proper terminology is selected for your document. Once we receive the translation project from you we check for existing translations, glossaries or customer / industry-specific dictionaries. Our translation experts use this background research to create new translations whose terminology and stylistics will be compatible with existing documents. Any unclear terminology is clarified with the client.

After creating a draft translation, the translator carefully double-checks and proofreads his or her own translation. The client can optionally complete a second proofreading in-house (the most economic option), or they can request us to handle the proofreading. In this case, we will assign a second equally qualified translator to verify the entire document to double-check terminology, stylistics and grammar.

We also offer back-translation services where the translation is translated back into the source language which allows for easy double-checking of accuracy by comparing the source document with the back-translated text.