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Translation Services in Long Beach – Economic Profile

The city of Long Beach with a population of about 467,000 people is located in southern California at the Pacific Coast about 30 km south of Los Angeles.

Long Beach has a vibrant and diverse economy. Major sectors include transportation and distribution, manufacturing, high technology, health care, tourism, and education.

The city has one of the largest shipping ports in the world and the second busiest in the United States, which makes it a major transportation hub. The city’s manufacturing sector includes aircrafts, electronic and audiovisual equipment, home furnishing, and automobile parts.

Major companies based in Long Beach include Boeing, Gulfstream Corporation, Verizon, the Bragg Companies, Epson America, Pioneer Electronics, Molina Health Care Inc., Jesse James’ West Coast Choppers, and Acres of Books.

Long Beach is also a major tourist destination and offers visitors attractions such as the RMS Queen Mary, an art deco liner that is permanently docked in the city, the Rancho Los Alamitos, and romantic gondolier trips. In addition, there are many renowned museums and performing arts institutions including the Beach Museum of Art and the Museum of Latin American Art, which is the only museum in the United States that features exclusively Latin American art.

Higher education in Long Beach is provided by California State University, Long Beach City College, Brooks College, and DeVry University.

Long Beach features a diverse racial composition: 36% of the population is Hispanic, 15% African American, 12% Asian, 1% Pacific Islander. Some of the most prevalent groups of Asian origin include Vietnamese, and Filipinos. In addition, there are significant Dutch, Greek, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese ancestries.

A strong and diverse economy, major tourist attractions and a diverse population have created significant demand for translation services in the city of Long Beach.