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Translation Services in Kingston – Economic Profile

The Kingston metropolitan area has a population of about 152,000 residents. Kingston’s economy is based on education, health care, government institutions, manufacturing, research and development culture, and tourism.

Among the largest employers of Canada’s first capital city are the Canadian Forces Bay, Queens University, Kingston General Hospital, the Limestone School Board, Correctional Services of Canada, StarTek, and the City of Kingston.

Kingston has a vibrant cultural life and features many museums, theaters and an energetic music scene. It hosts the annual Limestone City Blues Festival, The Kingston Canadian Film Festival, Reelout Queer Film Festival, Kingston Jazz Festival, and Canada DanceSport.

With its location at the end of Lake Ontario and at the beginning of the St. Lawrence River, Kingston is famous for its sailing port and has hosted major regattas including American Championships and World Championships. In addition, Kingston is a famous venue for wreck diving, boating and cruising, attracting countless visitors each year.

Due to its strategic location Kingston is home to several military units and Canadian Forces Base Kingston. Kingston is a bustling university town and features three renowned institutions of higher education. Queens University, founded in 1814, is one of Canada’s oldest and most respected universities. The Royal Military College of Canada is the nation’s only military university and trains future members of the armed forces. St. Lawrence College has specialized in areas such as behavioral psychology, microelectronics, and engineering.

The city’s racial makeup is 95% White, 1.1 % South Asian, 1.1% Chinese, and 0.6% Black. In addition, Kingston has a student population of about 10%, including many international students. All these aspects have created a significant demand for multilingual services such as translation and interpreting in Kingston.