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Translation Services in Fredericton – Economic Profile

The city of Fredericton with a metropolitan area population of about 86,000 people is the capital of the province of New Brunswick and its main urban center as well as its economic, culture, and education hub.

The city is served by Greater Fredericton International Airport which has direct flights to major Canadian cities as well as international destinations such as Boston and London Gatwick.

Today the city’s business sectors are diverse and primarily based in knowledge industries such as Life Sciences, Consulting, Engineering, Software Development & Testing, e-Learning, and Geomatics. Further important economic sectors include agriculture, forestry, fishing, milling, construction, finance and insurance, real estate, manufacturing, retail trade, educational services and many more.

The city’s economy has long been based on the lumber industry and still today its lumber mills, as well as the provincial government and the numerous universities are among the most important employers.

In addition, there is CFB Gagetown, one of the largest military training bases in the commonwealth, which infuses over $500 million dollars annually into the New Brunswick economy. The base employs over 3,800 military personnel and 1,000 civilian staff.

Tourism is a major economic sector in Fredicton, as well. The city features a vibrant cultural scene with countless art galleries, museums such as the famous Beaverbrook Art Gallery. The city plays host to the annual Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival and the New Brunswick Summer Music Festival and Silver Wace Film Festival.

Fredericton has an abundance of parks and attractions such as The Green, Odell Park, Mactaquac Provincial Park, Kings Landing Historical Settlement, and many more.

Numerous institutions of post-secondary education make Fredericton a bustling college town and a major education and research center. Built in 1826 University of New Brunswick is the oldest public university in North America. In addition, there are Yorkville University, St. Thomas University, New Brunswick Community College, Maritime College of Forestry and New Brunswick College of Crafts and Design. This great variety of universities has been drawing a diverse and international student body to the city of Fredericton.

The city’s ethnic makeup is diverse and features significant Black and Asian communities as well as Italian, Greek, Lebanese, Japanese, Mexican, Pakistani and Vietnamese enclaves. In addition, Fredericton is a bilingual city, 75% of its population is Anglophone, while 23.6% is bilingual and 0.5% is francophone.

A diverse economy, a great cultural offer, the presence of prestigious universities and a diverse community have created a significant demand for translation and interpreting services in the bilingual city of Fredericton.