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Translation Services in Edmundston – Economic Profile

The city of Edmundston with a population of about 16,640 people is located in the northwestern part of New Brunswick. It is strategically situated at the junction of Saint-John River and Madawaska River and only a few kilometers from the border with Quebec and the border with Maine in the United States to which it is connected by the Edmundston-Madawaska Bridge.

In addition, Edmundston is known as the Gateway to the Maritimes.

The city’s economy is heavily based on forestry. It is home to numerous sawmills and paper plants including the Fraser peppermill. In addition, sign and plastic manufacturing are major economic sector in Edmundston.

Tourism is an important sector in the city’s economy, as well. Popular attractions include Le Jardin de la Republique, Fort du Petit-Sault, a former British military fort from the 19th century, an 18 hole golf course and a vibrant downtown featuring an abundance of boutiques, stores and restaurants. In addition, there are the Museum of the Automobile and the Madawaska Historic Museum and a convention center.

The city’s Botanic Garden is the largest of its kind east of Montreal.

Edmundston features a vibrant cultural scene and plays host to numerous festivals and cultural events such as the Edmundston Jazz and Blues Festival and the Foire Brayonne, one of the largest French Canadian festivals outside of the province of Quebec.

Higher education in Edmundston is provided by Edmundston Community College and the Edmundston campus of the University of Moncton.

Edmundston features the largest francophone community outside of Quebec. 98% of its population is French Canadian.

All these aspects have created a high demand for translation and interpreting services in the city of Edmundston.