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Translation Services in Chatham – Kent-Economic Profile

The city of Chatham-Kent with its 108,000 residents is located in Southwestern Ontario.

Its economy is heavily based on the agriculture and industry sector and has been increasingly diversifying. One of the largest employers in the city is the automotive industry; Navistar International Corporation operates a plant here while other automotive manufacturers include AutoLiv Canada, Siemens, Inergy Automotive Systems, and Tilbury’s Arvin Meritor.

Chatham-Kent is also known as the “Classical Car Capital of Canada”, hosting the world’s largest vintage automobile auction. In addition, RM Restoration, the world’s largest vintage car restoration company is headquartered here. The city hosts many classic car events throughout the year as well.

Further major companies in the city include Olsen, major biotechnology company Pioneer Hi-Bred Limited, Omstead Foods, and Commercial Alcohol which operates an ethanol plant for industrial, medical and beverage uses. The city is home to Union Gas, a natural gas utility, and Spectra Energy, as well as several wind farms near Lake Erie. In addition, the region features numerous vineyards and many acres of agricultural land. The regional grain handling facilities are a retail center for seed, fertilizer, and crop protectants.

The city features some well-known tourist attractions such as Chatham’s Wheels Inn, a family resort with an amusement park, indoor and outdoor pool, a golf course, go-kart facilities and much more. Rondeau Provincial Park and Wheatley Provincial Park, as well as several heritage museums are major tourist destinations, as well.

Chatham-Kent features two institution of higher education: St.Clair College and the University of Guelph which specializes in agriculture, horticulture and veterinary technology.

The presence of major businesses and educational institutions provides an opportunity for multilingual services in the municipality of Chatham-Kent.