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Translation in Calgary

Calgary, the largest city in Alberta, Canada’s richest province, has an ethnic diversity which is growing in the wake of the economic boom in recent years.

Calgary has abundant natural resources, especially oil and gas, that boost its economy, bringing in big companies such as BP, EnCana, Imperial Oil, Petro-Canada, Shell Canada, Suncor Energy, and TransCanada. The city is home to 87% of Canada’s oil and natural gas producers and 66% of coal producers. Such vibrant commercial activity throws up consistent needs for high quality translation services and Textronics has always been at the forefront of fulfilling needs for translation in Calgary.

Among the city’s 1,019,942 population, 79 per cent of the population is of European descent. Another 2.3% of the population is Aboriginal. Other visible minority group includes Chinese, South Asian, Black Canadian, and Latin American. Needless to say, thanks to Textronics wide range of translation services Calgary based companies do not find it difficult to get their technical, legal, and other documents translated without errors.

Through our extensive network of experienced translators and proofreaders we offer the following services:

  • Translations of technical, commercial, legal, medical, promotional and general documents
  • Notarized translation of personal and immigration-related documents
  • Translation of software programs and web sites
  • Interpretation services in all languages (simultaneous, consecutive, community interpretation)
  • Proofreading of English and foreign language documents
  • Audio-tape transcription services, video voiceovers
  • Creation of customer-specific glossaries
  • Multilingual desktop publishing and web design

According to Statistic Canada, Calgary’s economy ranks first in Canada, with an estimated Real GDP growth rate of 6.9% in 2006 and 4.2% in 2007, and will continue growing in the next few years. In addition to the oil and gas industry, agriculture, tourism, and high-tech business also contribute to Calgary’s fast economic growth.

As a result of fast growing economy, Calgary has the lowest unemployment rate (3.2%) in Canada, and is extremely short of workers. So the city tries its best to attract skilled professionals, for example with signing bonuses. In addition, many foreign petroleum companies are looking for cooperation opportunities with Calgary, so linguistics services are in high demand in the city, and have become one of the fast growing businesses.

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