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Translation Services and City Profile of Bridgeport, Connecticut

With approximately 138,000 inhabitants, Bridgeport is the most populated city in the state of Connecticut, USA. “Park City”, “The Port”, or “B-Port” represents the core of the Greater Bridgeport area. The population is made up by a majority of White people (45%). African American people are also numerous as they are about 31%.

For a long time, the Bridgeport economy was supported by manufacturing and trade. The wholesale and retail trades in particular are significant to the economy thanks to the transportation network that is provided. In the Bridgeport metropolitan area, about 75,000 people work in the sector of trade, transportation, and utilities. Other industries have increased such as service-producing ones (for example, health services). Until the beginning of the 1990s, the defense industry was an important sector. The city is currently one of the biggest financial centers in the region of New England. This diversified manufacturing and service economy results in a significant demand for professional translation services in Bridgeport.

In order to encourage business development, the government has some incentive programs (local, state and job training programs). For instance, some local banks can provide loans up to US$500,000 to assist small and mid-sized businesses.

In terms of the educational system, Bridgeport Public Schools is the second biggest school system in the state with around 23,000 students. Among the educational institutions, there are the University of Bridgeport (which has the most diverse student body of any institution in the United States) and Housatonic Community College.

As far as culture is concerned, the city hosted the arts and music festival “Gathering of the Vibes” several times. Bridgeport has a multi-cultural center, the Black Rock Art Center, where artists from Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and the Americas can perform. In this location it is also possible to see educational programs or cabaret series, among other things. There are several theaters (for instance, Playhouse on the Green Theater where some musical events are done) and museums (like the Housatonic Museum of Art situated at Housatonic Community College). The Beardsley Zoo, the only one in the state of Connecticut, has also several parks. The nickname “Park City” was given to Bridgeport in part thanks to this zoo.

In terms of transportation, international air service is provided by the closest airports like La Guardia and John F. Kennedy in New York City. A railroad and ferry service is also available in Bridgeport; some vessels can transport automobiles and passengers. As for the bus transit service, it is operated by the Greater Bridgeport Transit Authority (GBTA), which is available in Bridgeport and the nearest suburban areas.