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City Profile and Translation Services in Boise, Idaho

Founded in 1863, Boise is the capital of the State of Idaho, USA, and the county seat of Ada County. With about 203,000 residents, the “City of Trees” is the most populated city of Idaho. Among the several national accolades that Boise got for its quality of life and business climate, in 2006 it received the recognition of the most secure place to live according to Farmers Insurance.

The Boise economy first developed thanks to farming, mining and timber in particular. Nowadays, it is more diversified. Indeed, this is the headquarters for various major companies like URS Corp.’s Washington Division and Hewlett Packard’s printer division. Moreover, the government is also a major source of employment with about 38,800 employees (in the Boise-Nampa metropolitan area), as well as the call center industry, high technology industry, tourism, among others. Micron Technology, Inc. is the largest private employer in the Boise-Nampa metropolitan area with 9,500 workers. The city’s diversified employment base and commercial sector creates a significant demand for translation services in Boise.

In order to encourage business development, the government has some incentive programs (local, state and job training programs). For example, the State of Idaho tries to do so with low taxes and economical rates.

With regard to educational institutions, there are various technical schools. Besides Boise State University, satellite campuses of the University of Idaho and Idaho State University are located in Boise. It is one of the largest U.S. cities not to have a community college.

As regards transportation, the city provides bus service through ValleyRide and Boise Urban Stages (BUS). In addition, bikers can use the network of bike paths that is throughout Boise and the region around the city. The Boise Airport is the provider of the air service; the number of passengers having increased, it was lately renovated.

Regarding Boise culture, it is marked by the presence of the Basque community (around 15,000 people – the second largest one in the USA). In fact, every five years an important Basque festival (“Jaialdi”) takes place in Boise, and the Basque Museum is located there. There are many other museums like the Boise Art Museum and the Idaho Black History Museum. It is also a regional center for jazz (for instance, the Gene Harris Jazz Festival during spring season) and theater. The film festival “Idaho International Film Festival” is hosted there during fall. In February 2009, the Winter 2009 Special Olympics World Games took place in Valley and Boise Counties. The city has some professional sports teams in baseball, basketball and ice hockey. As for Boise State University, it has a well-known football team. Boise is also a popular location for many leisure activities like biking and hiking in the foothills, as well as fishing, rafting and swimming in the Boise River.