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Translation Services in Albany, New York

Founded in 1614, Albany is the capital of the State of New York, USA since 1797. The city of Albany has a population of roughly 95,000 people. Most of them are Caucasian (around 63%). Among the other races, Black or African American people account for about 28%.

The economy of Albany rests on the state and local governments since almost a quarter of the Albany-area workforce (approximately 108,000 people) work for them in services such as restaurants, retail and law firms. Colleges and universities, the healthcare sector as well as finance, insurance, real estate and tourism are significant elements of the economy, giving rise to a steady demand for translation services in Albany. High technology also represents an important industry in Albany. In fact, the city has become a national leader in nanotechnology, with the Albany NanoTech university, which opened in 2003. Besides nanotechnology, alternative energy, biotechnology, homeland security, and information technology constitute the high-tech industries. The increasing number of high-tech related firms makes the city called “Tech Valley”. Moreover, the government has some incentive programs (local, state and job training programs) in order to assist new and existing businesses. The State of New York has the largest number of employees with around 30,000 people working for it. The unemployment rate is about 3%.

There are many other colleges and universities in the area of Albany such as Albany Law School, Albany Medical College, and the University at Albany (with more than 18,000 students) which is one of the campuses of the State University of New York system.

Regarding transportation, in addition to providing bus and train services, there is the Albany International Airport in Colonie (a town situated in the county of Albany) that serves the city of Albany. This is one of the first commercial airports in the world.

As far as culture is concerned, the New York State Museum (fine arts, artifacts, natural history, etc.) is among the important cultural places in Albany, as well as The Egg (performing arts). The city has also a dynamic artistic community and culture thanks to students (among others) and houses an important collection of modern art. There are also several festivals such as Alive at Five (free concerts during the summer), the Albany Jazz Festival at the end of summer, and the Tulip Festival (an event celebrating the beginning of spring). In terms of sports, for instance, the University at Albany has a football team, and there are several minor league professional teams in different sport like baseball, basketball and football. The Times Union Center is the major regional place for sport in Albany.