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As global economic integration continues, the demand for high-quality Spanish translations is also increasing. Textronics Communications Ltd. has been in the translation business for more than two decades and specializes in accurate and reliable translations at a competitive price. Spanish is one of our most in-demand languages and we are able to expertly service the European Spanish and Latin American Spanish markets.

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Castilian Spanish as a language is derived from the Latin dialects that were spoken in the Roman Empire in the regions around Cantabria, Burgos and La Rioja in Spain. In addition to Spanish, the languages spoken in Spain today include other related Romance languages such as Catalan and Galician while Portuguese is spoken next door and largely intelligible for Spanish speakers, particularly in its written form. Basque is spoken in northeastern Spain and is not related to the Spanish language.

English to Spanish Translation Services / Servicios de Traducción al Inglés

Across the world, Spanish is one of the most important languages and is estimated to be spoken by about 400 million native speakers. About 47 million of these live in Spain while most Spanish-speakers are located in Latin America. Countries of Central America as well as South America have Spanish as their official language although some Andean countries also have designated indigenous languages as co-official languages. The largest Spanish speaking countries include Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Columbia, Peru, Venezuela and Ecuador.

Spanish is still spoken by some in such places as Belize, Trinidad and Tobago, and parts of Africa. It was also an official language in the Philippines until 1973. Spanish is of growing importance in the United States where the population in some US states includes up to 30% of Spanish native speakers, especially in New Mexico, California, and Texas. Cuban immigrants have significantly increased the influence of Spanish speakers in Florida. The total number of Spanish speakers across the world, including native and second-language speakers, is estimated at roughly 500 million people. This makes Spanish the fourth most spoken language in the world, after Mandarin Chinese, Hindi and English. The importance of professional Spanish translation services is therefore obvious.

Spanish to English Translation Services / Servicios de Traducción de Español al Inglés

Although experiencing a significant economic crisis at the moment, the economy of Spain is the world twelfth-largest economy and the fifth largest in Europe. Latin American economies are also growing in importance, especially the economy of Mexico, given its strong manufacturing
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sector and trade agreements with the United States and Canada. Many more Canadian companies are orienting themselves towards Latin America, which creates the need for professional Spanish translation services.

Given the importance of the Spanish language, many international institutions use Spanish as their official language. It is one of the six official languages of the United Nations, and also has official status in the European Union, Mercosur, the Organization of American States, the African Union, the Latin Union, NAFTA and many more. It has been argued that Spanish has recently passed French as the second-most studied language (after English) across the world, and become the second most used language in international communication.

Spanish Translation in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary and other cities As Spanish is spoken in so many different countries across the world there are significant regional differences which include phonology, grammar and lexicon. The largest group of Spanish speakers, 112 million, speaks Mexican Spanish while all other Spanish-speaking countries have their own unique pronunciation-related and lexical characteristics. It is therefore critical to select the proper regional experts for your Spanish translation project.

At Textronics Communications Ltd., Spanish translation is a special area of expertise and we work with a large number of highly educated and experienced European and Latin American Spanish language experts. We only employ native Spanish speakers and select Spanish speakers based on the regional and subject matter requirements of the client. Our translators all have to pass stringent tests before they get to work on our projects; this ensures that our level of quality and service remains consistently high. If you require accurate Spanish translation services at a competitive price, please contact us for a free no-obligation estimate